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No Governor Or President Can Earn Respect From People Like Nnamdi Kanu - Catholic Priest
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No Governor Or President Can Earn Respect From People Like Nnamdi Kanu - Catholic Priest

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uk: No Governor Or President Can Earn Respect From People Like Nnamdi Kanu - Catholic Priest 2021-10-10 13:02:47pm
A man who controlls millions of followers allover the world is not a fool...

A man who speaks and millions of people obey him, is not a fool....

A man,whose followers, died for, attended all his court proceedings ...is not a fool.

Thousands of people daily visits his father's compound like people on pilgrimage... I don't think he is a fool..

A man, who is more popular than any political leader in Nigeria, past or present.... is not a fool..

Even his opponents and enemies love him and admires him secretly.... Is he a fool?

On a political campaign, crowds are rented and paid, according to local governments... in his case, crowds volunteer to follow him daily,even under hunger and heat, they never complained.

He walks around freely, without security agents and sirens , People branded him all sorts of evil names ,he still remained immovable.

He is far more respected than even " Religious Leaders"without any advertisment, his presence anywhere, creates tensions. People address him as "Saviour" Theologically, I may not agree with that, but will you shut their mouths? He never called himself that.

People of all Religious denominations follow him, should I kill them? No!, he is not a fool.

No governor or president can earn such respect from people. Call his followers gullible, no problem, how many people has ever followed or listened to you?

He is far more recognized and respected than any figure in Igbo land. I may not comfortable with the type of words he uses, but I believe ,this guy is not a person to be toyed with.

I have a dream,that one day,Igbos ,will buy large hectares of land, build a Secretariat, palace, guest houses and enthrone him, the king of all Igbos.

Who am I to judge anyone? Only God who sees in secret knows it all. God can use anyone!

NNAMDI KANU, I don't know you, I have never met you,but this is my candid opinion about you. If you think, it's easy to convince people, go to the market, present your products, if you finish it in one week, you will understand, what am talking about,

This is the first time, I am openly saying anything about him.I am an adult,with years of experience in God's vineyard, I know exactly what am talking about and am responsible for what I say.You may not like my opinion, but the sad fact is that I have spoken.

By Rev. Father Mmor

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