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IPOB Has Rights To Agitate And 60 Percent Of Igbo Elders Wants Nnamdi Kanu Released --- Chief Amaechi Mbazulike Blows Hot
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IPOB Has Rights To Agitate And 60 Percent Of Igbo Elders Wants Nnamdi Kanu Released --- Chief Amaechi Mbazulike Blows Hot

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uk: IPOB Has Rights To Agitate And 60 Percent Of Igbo Elders Wants Nnamdi Kanu Released --- Chief Amaechi Mbazulike Blows Hot 2021-10-10 13:45:24pm
First Republic minister of aviation, Mbazulike Amaechi has said the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB reserves full rights to agitate for referendum for Biafra, EWN reports.

The respected elder-statesman also disclosed that over 70% of Igbo youths and 60% of Igbo elders want the release of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the IPOB.

According to Vanguard Newspaper, Mbazulike spoke at the weekend, during an interview.

EWN reports that the Igbo leader also touched on insecurity in the South-East, especially the recent incidents in Anambra state where governorship election is scheduled to hold on November 6.

Asked what he made of the insecurity in the South-East, especially in Anambra state, Mbazulike said;

"The insecurity in the South-East is not anything to compare with the insecurity in the North, especially in Kaduna State. The insecurity in Katsina State, Niger State and Benue State is caused by herdsmen. The insecurity in Zamfara State is also caused by herdsmen. It later extended to Ondo and Ogun States which led to the formation of Amotekun. There is insecurity all over the country. It is not limited to the South-East. It is an unpleasant development. And it is not good enough. Whether it is in North, East, West, or South, it is not good."

Asked if he was surprised that insecurity was speedily taking over the South-East, the former minister said;

"In the South-East, those responsible for the insecurity we are witnessing are unknown. Government is of the view that it is IPOB, but IPOB has said they are not involved. IPOB said their weapon of agitation is not violence. And many believe them because they have not been involved in violence even when they are attacked. The other form of insecurity in the South-East is caused by herdsmen. They will carry guns and lead their cattle to cause devastation, kill, maim people and rape women.

"They are never arrested. And the few of them that are arrested and handed over to the police following public outcry are always released. And you see them on the streets again doing the same thing. We really want to contain insecurity in the South-East. That is the main reason I have initiated a move to bring peace to the region. And I am waiting for the reaction of everybody including the federal government. I want them to react to my move and if they react to the move, we will dig it out. I am assuring stakeholders and government that if they follow my move in the South- East, there will be peace."

Asked if he thought the release of Nnamdi Kanu would bring peace to the region, the elder-statesman responded;

"I think Kanu’s release will help the situation, but it is not the final solution to the problem. It would go a long way in calming the tense situation. They said 70 percent of Igbo youths and 60 percent of some elders share this view. If that is the case, the people at the helm of affairs should share the feelings of the people they rule. If that kind of percentage of Igbo youths is in support of Nnamdi Kanu, why would government not respect their views? I said Nnamdi Kanu’s issue is subjudice. We don’t want to go into it."

Responding on rights of the IPOB to agitate for Biafra restoration through referendum, Mbazulike said;

"Everybody has the right to agitate for anything. To those who are making the agitation, it is necessary, to others, it is not necessary. Therefore, in a democratic system, in a free society, the way it is done is either through a referendum or plebiscite. An example was the one they did in Scotland four years ago. Scotland wanted to pull away from Britain and its government ordered a plebiscite. Majority of the people voted no and they are there. If some are demanding a separate state of Biafra, they are entitled to their right. I am not advocating the dissolution of Nigeria because I worked for one Nigeria. I suffered for one Nigeria and I took part in creating Nigeria. In fact, I went to prison for the establishment of a free Nigeria. But that does not mean that if some want to go, they should not be given a chance to stay or leave."


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