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Again, BBN’s Tega Profusely Apologizes To Nigerians
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Again, BBN’s Tega Profusely Apologizes To Nigerians

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uk: Again, BBN’s Tega Profusely Apologizes To Nigerians 2021-10-11 10:31:58am
BBN season 6 housemate, Tega Dominic, has for the umpteenth time apologized to Nigerians for her actions in the house with her colleague, Boma.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, she assuaged notions that she had coitus with Boma in the house. “This is me apologizing to Nigerians. I’m a Nigerian and you can’t throw me away. I’m sorry. My actions in the house I won’t say were unintentional but I was just going with the flow. Of course, I didn’t have sex with Boma. We didn’t have sex.

Being a married woman and kissing was a wrong move and I apologize. I need all the love and support that I can get to actualize my dreams,” she said.

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