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"Police Shot Dead My Brother In Imo, Labelled Him IPOB Leader To Cover Up Action"
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"Police Shot Dead My Brother In Imo, Labelled Him IPOB Leader To Cover Up Action"

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uk: "Police Shot Dead My Brother In Imo, Labelled Him IPOB Leader To Cover Up Action" 2021-10-12 07:32:36am

"Two boys, Chigozie (23 Years old) and Uchenna have been friends from childhood. Chigozie visited Uchenna (the son of Iron) Chukwuanyanwu in his welding shop. Suddenly, a Venza car arrived and the car occupants grabbed the welder and threw him into the Toyota Venza car.

"They were about to drive off when Chigozie asked them why they were taking Uchenna away. The car occupants who wore ordinary clothes shot Chigozie dead (in the forehead). The car zoomed off and people gathered round to see what had happened.

"Suddenly, the same car came back and all the onlookers ran helter-skelter. The car occupants simply picked up the body of Chigozie and dumped it in the car and zoomed off.

"The families of Chigozie and Uchenna were still wondering what happened when today the police in Owerri issued the statement labelled him IPOB leader. Now, those who witnessed what happened are astonished."

"The person they came to carry was one Chidera; he is an Aluminium worker who owns a shop close to that of Uchenna

"Chigozie was shot to death simply because he insisted to know the reason Uchenna was being abducted. The most annoying part of this is the press release by the Police this morning.

"They labelled Uchenna as the leader of IPOB in Ehime Mbano, that is a lie from the pit of hell to justify their actions. My heart still bleeds, I have not seen such wickedness since I was born."

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