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List Of Animals With Their Meat Name
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List Of Animals With Their Meat Name

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uk: List Of Animals With Their Meat Name

I want to share with you the list of animals with their meat name.

It is pertinent to know the names of the meat we eat every day, in case you are asked outside what is the name of the meat you want to buy or the meat you are eating?

Goat meat is not called goat meat, it's wrong.

Goat meat is called Mutton or Chevon.

Knowing the names of the meat will help to identify what the seller is selling to you.

It will also help you to have confidence in yourself whenever you're asked what type of meat is this or that.

Like they do say, knowledge is power.

Beneath is the list of animals with their meat name:

Pig = Pork

Snake = ......

Dog = Dork

Cattle (cow or bull) = Beef

Calf (young cow) = Veal

Deer = Venison

Sheep (Ram or Ewe) = Mutton

Pigeon = Squab

Water Buffalo = Cara beef

Goat = Chevon or Mutton

Chicken = Chicken

Turkey = Turkey

Snail = Escargot

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2021-08-07 17:58:00
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