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AE-FUNAI Man Of The Week Award
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uk: AE-FUNAI Man Of The Week Award 2021-08-10 09:48:31
Man of the week Award 🏅

Our man of the week today goes to Kelechi Eze

A 200 level student in the department of philosophy.
He's from Umuahia north L.G.A, Abia state

He's the current FACE OF TALKING FUNAI
The Director for information National association of philosophy student Ae-Funai (NAPS)
Abia state treasurer Ae-funai
Member of Assemblies of God Church and also their sectorial Teenagers president.

He is one fellow that supports and encourages and number one fan of talking funai

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our man of the week, Kcee Eze

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