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"I Will Never Visit Buhari Again...."- Tunde Bakare August 2021 by uk   General   01:49am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
"I will never visit Buhari again...."- Tunde Bakare August 2021

"Tunde Bakare visits Buhari in AsoRock...."

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Eid Ul Mawlid: FG Declares Tuesday, October 19 Public Holiday by uk   General   01:46am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
The Federal Government has declared Tuesday October 19th, 2021 as Public Holiday to mark this year’s Eid-ul-Mawlid Celebration in commemoration of the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, who made this declaration on behalf of the Federal Government, congratulates all Muslim faithful both at home and in the Diaspora for witnessing this year’s occasion.

He admonishes all Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of love, patience and perseverance which are the virtues of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), adding that doing so would guarantee peace and security in the country.

Ogbeni Aregbesola enjoined Nigerians, particularly Muslims, to refrain from violence, lawlessness and other acts of criminality. As the indisputable leader of our race, we must show responsible leadership in Africa.

While calling for a stop to all divisive tendencies across the country, the Minister urges all Nigerians and the youth in particular, to embrace the virtues of hard work and peaceful disposition to fellow humans, irrespective of faith, ideology, social class and ethnicity and cooperate with President Muhammadu Buhari’s led-Administration in its effort to build a progressive and enviable nation that all citizens would be proud of.      reply change report       hide post post child  
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The Olu Of Warri Says He Didn't Donate 4 Billion Naira To Any Road Project by uk   General   01:43am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):

The Olu Of Warri Says He Didn't Donate 4 Billion Naira To Any Road Project      reply change report       hide post post child  
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BBN JMK Reacts To Angels Post About Being Threatened. by uk   General   01:42am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
#BBN JMK reacts to Angels post about being threatened.      reply change report       hide post post child  
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HISTORY OF IGBO MASSACRE IN NIGERIA by uk   General   01:38am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
Kano 1945 - Over 200 killed
Jos 1953 - over 150 killed
1966 - over 50, 000 killed
1967-70 - over 2 million women and Children killed in genocidal war.
Jos in 1945- Over 2000 killed
Kano genocide 1954 over 30,000 Igbos killed
Kano 1980 - over 1000 Igbos were killed
Maiduguiri 1982 - 1983 over 500 Igbos were killed
In 1984-1991 more than 1500 Igbos where killed.


It is imperative to correct false propaganda making rounds in an attempt by every successive government in Nigeria to cover up this genocide. In 1953, when NIgeria Independent loomed, Ahmadu Bello, the founder of Gamji said: "We cannot fight to dispense of white masters only to be ruled by new black masters called Igbo. Even here in the North, they run the post offices, railways, civil service and they have taken up all the shops we create. Call them Igbo, but you can also call them Zionists, but we shall not relinquish the estate of our fathers to such wretched people who have never had an administration before." Source: 1968: the year that shook the world, by Walter Schultz.

In 1964, Major Gibson Jalo, after downing a bottle or two at the Kachia Barracks mess, moaned: "we are captives to this Igbos. We can never enjoy our new nation until we chase every single Igbo man out the North. For long, we had cried that these vermins, Igbo, must be removed from our soil. Now we have seen the result of our negligence. A new opportunity of reducing the population is here (the war)." Source: Last days of Biafra, by A. Madiebo. There are more. As a mere local Major, but substantive Captain, your boss, Sani Abacha strode into the Air Force Base Mess in 1966 and shouted at Col Jubrin, Air Force Commander: "It is our duty to teach the Igbos a final lesson and they will never leave their regions any more." Source: Last Flight, by A Okpe. Same Abacha implemented a PTF roguery repair of roads that gave the South East a mere 4 per cent when North West had 89 per cent, North East 92 per cent, North Central 72 per cent, South West 39 per cent and South South 35 per cent.

Through the regimes, virtually every airport in the North, including the one-week a flight Sokoto Air Port, are all international airports. When it was proposed to developed the Oguta Gulf as the best possible sea sanctuary for Europe bound vessels, Abacha flatly rejected it and drifted in his insane style to plans to dredge the Niger up to Bussa, which he never did. Do you remember the 'nya nya iska ni' episode in Kano. After the Kano killings and burning of Igbo business outfits, 1991, Kano princes tried to indoctrinate the almajiris on a pre-stated plea of ignorance of what they were doing. Those words meant, 'they did not know what they were doing'. It was Justice Ugwudike who queried it: 'who are 'they' for the almajiri who was speaking for himself. When pressed by an aggressive lawyer, he admitted that it was what he was told to say. I can go on and on. And now our president have threatened Igbo Nation.

Is it not idiotic to hold the opinion that Ndi Igbo would be better in Nigeria as a country? The only experience comparable to Igbo experience in Nigeria is the Jews holocaust. It would be foolish to ask Jews to stay and live in Germany because their lives would be better since Germany has been exorcised of Nazist. We have had our holocaust, we have experienced genocide of immense proportion executed with wicked intent, we have experienced starvation comparable only to the gas chamber. Why is the world still silent?

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Outcry As University Of Uyo SUG Vice President Appoints 20 Special Advisers - Education by uk   LATEST CAMPUS NEWS   01:35am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
Outcry As University Of Uyo SUG Vice President Appoints 20 Special Advisers - Education      reply change report       hide post post child  
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BBN BEATRICE Shares Reciept After Receiving De*th Threats From Someone. by uk   General   01:34am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
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Biafra Is A Cry For Justice, A Nation-state Whose Time Has Come, Elder Dennis Nworah Berates Nigeria-Igbo Elites. by uk   General   01:28am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
By Charles Igbokwe, Ogbaru

As an idea, an identity, a cry for justice, a fortress of refuge, self-defence, an ambition, an ideology, a nation-state, a people and a religion, Biafra is non-negotiable, Chief minister of Anambra North, Elder Dennis Nworah berated Nigeria-Igbo leaders and elites for still believing in Nigeria.

The Anambra North chief minister of Biafra internal government made the statement at the state executive meeting on a courtesy visit by the BIM-MASSOB leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, who was represented by Elder Marcel Umeokoli from Orumba Region, Anambra South State.

Recall that the chairman of south east governors, Gov. Umahi in his outrageous statement recently where he said, "Every elite in South-East is not desirous of Biafra, we don’t want Biafra; we want to be treated equally like other regions in Nigeria.

“So, this idea of Biafra, Biafra is madness and we have said, ‘No’, we don’t want Biafra".

“If we go our separate ways, South-East people will lose a lot because, we’ve invested a lot in every part of this nation. It is not to our advantage to leave our investment and walk away".

However, our elites have forgotten so easily that Biafra struggle is a resilient determination of our people to be free.

They should know that Biafra is about survival, growth, development. It is an ideology of discovering who you’re, your ability to survive, to grow and shine.

" We Biafrans have the natural and human resources to be better, but the Nigeria-Igbo elites choose to live like beggars in Nigeria, due to bad leadership from these Nigeria-Igbo elites on every level of government in our land," Elder Dennis Nworah said.

Furthermore, fear is the bane of the Eastern people. Some of our people are bloody cowards. They pretend to be brave while they are the most cowardly elements in the whole world. They prefer to serve others due to fear. They are ready to concede all their belonging to other people out if fear. They are afraid to raise their voices for fear of being noticed.

Again, in Biafra land, they are lords but in Nigeria they are bloody slaves, serving other ethnic nationalities. Individually, they appear to be wealthy but collectively, Nigeria-Igbo elites are as poor as church rats.

"These Igbo elites make no contributions to any Igbo projects, but they are ready to donate their last kobo to a birthday party in the North. They are glorified servants who often parade their close acquaintances with personalities in the North as if such people are their gods," Chief minister of Anambra north said.

Going forward from the situations of Biafra struggle, Elder Marcel Umeokoli added that all hands, from all pro Biafran groups, have to be on deck to proffer a solution for Biafra actualization through non violent that will be for the true good of all Biafrans. It all boils down to the need to sit down and talk.

On Nigeria side, now is the time to dialogue because it is better to jaw-jaw than to war-war because no intimidation or harassment can stop determined people from actualising their intentions.      reply change report       hide post post child  
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Babafemi To North: Stop Betraying Orji Uzor Kalu Over 2023 Presidency. by uk   General   01:26am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
He said Kalu is a good and large hearted man who has been serially betrayed in the past by Northern leaders despite being tested and trusted by the North.      reply change report       hide post post child  
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All Progressive Congress In Lagos Elects Cornelius Ojelabi As State Chairman Of The Party. by uk   General   01:25am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):

The party also said all 36 states executives have returned unopposed.

The chairman of the committee in Lagos, Adebayo Adelabu from Oyo state said thirty five persons were screened unopposed for the different positions. But 37 forms were received for the position of chairmanship, two were screened , one adopted, one disqualified.
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They Will Keep Underestimating IPOB And IPOB Will Keep Moving Higher And Higher. by uk   General   01:21am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
The strength of the agitators lies in the fact that the politicians and their supporters keep calling these agitators nonentities, jobless, miscreants and never do wells. They say MNK is not recognized by Ndị Igbo. They say IPOB doesn't speak for Igbo people. They say Biafra flag doesn't belong to IPOB.

They say these things for their temporary and immediate happiness, while IPOB keep moving towards the liberation of the Indigenous People Of Biafra.

The underestimation must as a matter of fact continue.

- Elochukwu Ohagi
(Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.)      reply change report       hide post post child  
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The Biafra Football Technical Adviser, B.B Esor Idu Welcomes New Baby Boy. Baby Ralpheal Chijike Idu by uk   General   01:20am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
Present at the naming ceremony yesterday at Umuahia were the Biafra minister for Records and Statistics, chief Larry odinma, Davidson ohaegbu, ojemba FM representative, Chris Nwadiocha Nnorom.

Biafra Times congratulates the family and welcomes baby Ralpheal Chijike Idu. Congratulations      reply change report       hide post post child  
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Safe Roads: Abiodun Inaugurates State Road Safety Advisory Committee by uk   General   01:18am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
To reduce road crashes in Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, has inaugurated the State Road Safety Advisory Committee, charging them to discharge their duties diligently.

Abiodun, who announced his deputy, Noimot Salako-Oyedele, as the chairman of the committee, declared that his administration was ready to enforce speed limits as part of efforts to reduce carnage on the state roads.

Other members of the Committee, he said, were the Commissioners for Transportation, Works and Infrastructure, Health, Justice, Education, Finance, Information and Strategy, Physical Planning and Urban Development, Special Adviser to the Governor on Environment and the representative of the Nigeria Society of Engineers.
The governor said speed readers and cameras will also be installed on the roads to monitor compliance to traffic rules and regulations.

He disclosed that the State Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE) would be provided with adequate logistics and human resources, while the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO), would be repositioned to ensure that vehicles plying the roads are in good condition.

“We have observed the rapid increase of accidents on some of our newly completed roads, consequently, we will be enforcing Speed Limits through the use of Speed Readers and Camera, whilst providing emergency services such as tow trucks, ambulances, fire trucks to assist accident victims,” he noted.

While noting the importance of roads in the socio-economic life of Nigerians, Abiodun said though efforts were being made to improve on air, water and rail transportation, his administration would continue to pay attention to roads and how to make them safe for the users.

The governor stated that an effective transportation system, using the multi-dimensional strategy, which included among others, mass bus transit had been put in place, while over 600 kilometres of roads had been reconstructed and rehabilitated across the state.
He also hinted that his administration was partnering with the Federal Government and industries domiciled in the state to have some roads reconstructed under the Free Tax system.
He, however, lauded the Federal Government for setting up the Nigeria Road Safety Strategy and called on all stakeholders in the transportation sector to cooperate with the Committee, admonishing road users, particularly drivers to be careful while on the road.

In his remarks, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Sector Commander who is also the Secretary of the Committee, Mr. Ahmed Umar, said with the inauguration of the Committee, the state would take its rightful place as a state that has the safety of its people at heart.

He said that Nigeria Road Safety Strategy is a plan to improve safety on the roads in line with global best practice, submitting the action plan would help the country improve on issues relating to road safety, adding that the National Road Safety Advisory Council was first inaugurated in the year 2017 with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, as its chairman.

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Buhari Fought For Nigeria’s Unity , South-East Admires Him – Igwe Nevobasi by uk   General   01:17am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
Igwe Maduabuchi Nevobasi has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari for fighting for Nigeria’s unity.

The monarch is the Ezeani II of Mmaku Kingdom in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State.

Nevobasi said Buhari’s gallantry is admired in the South-East and that Igbos would always welcome him.

The traditional ruler made the declaration while on a courtesy visit to Femi Adesina, a presidential media adviser.

The monarch said apart from the war, the President has done many things for the South-East, perhaps more than any of his predecessors.

He cited the Second River Niger Bridge “going on at a frenetic pace”.

“Enugu International Airport has a brand new runway and is now in use. The Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, Onitsha-Enugu road, and many others are also things to point at in the region.

“We thank President Buhari for all he has done for Nigeria in six years. It has not been easy due to many challenges, particularly security, but the good work continues.

“Igbos would always welcome and support him, and we urge him not to relent in his efforts to keep the country together”, the king added.

On the fight against corruption, Igwe Nevobasi lauded what he called “the admirable strides so far”,

“There should be no let-up, so that public funds can be safeguarded and utilized for development”, he advised.      reply change report       hide post post child  
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I Was Criticized For Marrying A 42-yr-old Lady — Actor Stan Nze by uk   General   01:13am Oct-Sun-2021  (said):
Nollywood actor, Stan Nze, 32, has revealed that he was heavily criticized for getting married to his wife and colleague, Blessing Jessica Obasi.

The thespian, who tied the knot recently, in a recent interview with BBC, spoke about his marriage to the actress and career. According to him, they received many negative comments on social media and people queried him for getting married to a 42-year-old woman.

Speaking further, the actor stated that his wife is his bestfriend and she gives him peace, adding that he is very comfortable around her. He added that he wants to set a record by not fi*hting with his wife through out their first year of their marriage.      reply change report       hide post post child  
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I Understand How Boring And Bitter Life Must Be For You Away In The US On Asylum.. by uk   General   07:00pm Dec-Wed-1969  (said):
No more access to your numerous iPhone 2 girlfriends… most of whom you got into Sure P through your office as an SA to president Goodluck Jonathan.

Weren’t you married then?

I rejected your silly advances in 2014 at the Villa’s banquet hall during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reciprocated visit…

I gave you a fake name and a false contact number but …

Weren’t you married then?

Listen man, as a public figure, you must develop a good sense of humor and oftentimes know when a fan is passing a joke.

Several times, on my page I’ve seen young men with Bugatti shoulders (not dry padded bonga structure as yours) make jokes on getting married to me, being my toy boys etc .

I simply ignore and for fun of it… I joking acknowledge with a laugh emoji 😸

Now let me tell you a bit about my Ahuoyiza Blizzcute ;

Ahuoiza recently successfully distributed 5,000 sanitary pads to poor school girls.

That’s a godly act you and your Ethiopian iPhone 13 can never do.

Anyway, thanks for making our intelligent and smart iPhone 3 popular today… what’s the name of your baby’s mama again?

Lastly, insert the determiner “an” before iPhone. It’s Kola not cola too.
Can someone pass me some bitter Kola, I need to treat this persistent cough.”      reply change report       hide post post child  
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"His Manh**d Is Too Sweet": Woman Impregnated Twice By Her Twin Brother Insists On Marrying Him by uk   General   07:00pm Dec-Wed-1969  (said):
"His Manh**d is Too Sweet": Woman Impregnated Twice By Her Twin Brother Insists On Marrying Him 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️      reply change report       hide post post child  
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Annie Knows 2Face And I Are Never In Contact — Pero Opens Up by uk   General   07:00pm Dec-Wed-1969  (said):
Singer 2face’s first babymama, Pero, has opened up on the brouhaha making the rounds in recent times on social media.

In an interview with SDK, she disclosed she and her ex are not in contact and that Annie is aware. When asked about 2Face’s recent trip to America and if she was in the picture, she said,”I heard he came to America in August but we didn’t see. It’s not every time he comes to America that we see. His brother lives there, so its possible that he may have gone there to stay with him.

My boyfriend was even with me the last time i heard Tuface was supposed to be with me and i was quite shocked and wondered if there are two Peros. When that story broke, I got so many calls that woke me up that i had to make calls to find out what was wrong.”

On her current status with the singer, she said, “I had not even spoken to him for about four months before i was woken up with calls to go and see I am trending online because Annie mentioned that he had run off to stay with me in America. We dont really talk and we are not friends. It is because of this same reason that i have stayed away from him.

The last time i saw Annie was in 2019 and i had a convo with her and advised her to try and be a good wife and work on making her Marriage work. She knows I am not the issue in the marriage and I wonder why she would mention my name. She knows Tuface and I are not in contact because she keeps a tab on my activities from what i hear.”

Pero added that she arrived Nigeria with her boyfriend and is surprised by the rumors making social media. “I left America with my boyfriend and we landed Abuja and I have been with him since then. I am always amazed to read these things but people who know the truth know it.

Those two Ladies in the video, one of them is Tuface's cousin and they know the truth. They wonder why i have been on my lane and i keep getting dragged into Annie’s marital drama. They are the only ones who can explain why they said what they said in the video. I am at peace with everyone.”      reply change report       hide post post child  
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Top 5 Countries Where Wizkid Have The Most Listeners On YouTube From Sept 20 - Oct 11 by uk   General   07:00pm Dec-Wed-1969  (said):

1. United States 🇺🇸 ~ 24.8 M
2. United Kingdom 🇬🇧 ~ 5.2 M
3. France 🇫🇷 ~ 3.35 M
4. Nigeria 🇳🇬 ~ 2.48 M
5. South Africa 🇿🇦 ~ 1.84 M      reply change report       hide post post child  
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Connection Moves : WhiteMoney Just Visited Billionaire Entertaiment Guru E-Money. by uk   General   07:00pm Dec-Wed-1969  (said):
Connection Moves : WhiteMoney just visited Billionaire Entertaiment Guru E-Money.      reply change report       hide post post child